Evangelisierung der Evangelisierer

Bischofssynode, Tag 7, Montagmorgen. Und gelacht wird auch.

Viele Beiträge bei der Bischofssynode beziehen sich auf kulturelle Besonderheiten oder erklären, was Neuevangelisierung sein muss. Ab und zu gibt es aber auch gut zusammenfassende Beiträge. Einer davon vom Montagmorgen stammt von William Slattery, dem Bischof von Pretoria, Südafrika. Er sprach über das Bedürfnis, auch die Evangelisierer zu evangelisieren.


Given the present structures of the church and the importance of liturgy and the parish community much depends on priests (81‑89 in the Instrumentum Laboris).

With few trained formators in many seminaries do seminarians personally encounter the Lord? Who discerns?

If young priests come out with poor human formation they will be unsympathetic and unable to make people belong. Belonging is as the heart of community, belonging is an image of the Holy Spirit. The real signs meaningful to young people in this subjective age are recognized by them in the area of belonging and interpersonal relationships.

If the young priest has poor spiritual formation, if he has not contemplated the absolute beauty of God personally he will lack in zeal for prayer and be blind to discernment. He will be unable to train others in holiness.

With unsupervised pastoral formation the priest will be unlikely to experience the gifts of the laity and so dominate rather than collaborate as desired in No 106 of the Instrumentum Laboris.

If the priest has poor theology it will be the blind leading the visibly impaired. [Lachen in der Aula und bei den Journalisten]

To deal with the modern media (131 Instrumentum Laboris) I like the policy of the English Church prior to the papal visit when they carefully selected and trained bright young people to defend and explain their faith. An attractive young lady doctor is much more effective in media propounding on medical issues than an elderly unmarried bishop. [Wieder Lachen in der Aula]

The evangelizing of youth must involve a) exposure to the world of the poor and b) involve doing something for Christ‑even as simple as pilgrimage and c) reflection together on such experiences. I would like some formal recognition of the pastoral services such as Catechists, Chaplains and Spiritual Directors both men and women in the life of the Church.

For bishops ourselves Bishops’ Conferences must create space for us to discern evangelization in our spiritual and pastoral lives. As father and brother we bishops must travel closely with our priests evaluating their parish apostolates and keeping before them the light of Evangelization. We must welcome the new movement but continue with them to keep the vision of the diocese within the contours of their charisms.

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